Authors Guide

Authors who wish to participate in the conference with "Abstract" and/or "Full Text" should prepare their work by paying attention to the issues mentioned in the "Writing Rules" file.

In addition, authors should indicate as header information within their papers whether their presentations will be online or offline.

Authors who will present posters can prepare their posters without any size limitations, provided that the writings and figures on the poster are clear, plain and understandable.

Note: The "Writing Rules" for Full Paper submission will be updated.

In addition, authors who will plan to make offline video presentations should upload the video presentation files via CMT system. Video file type can only be in the formats of mp4, avi, wmv or mov, and the size of the video file shouldn't exceed 700 MB. Resolution level of the videos should be adjusted to be between 480p and 720p. The authors will have max. 15 min for each presentation.

Authors who will upload video presentations via CMT system should also download, fill and upload the "Video-Presentation Submission and Copyright Transfer Form" to CMT system.